FIBC Divider


Safe and economic transport and storage solutions for FIBC

The access openings of the FIBC Divider have a special tunnel design so that the FIBC are protected from damage by forklift tines.

Thus, FIBC can be stacked for storage and during transport and thanks to the Divider they can be separated again easily and without damage.

At the same time the Divider serves as a reliable carrier for transport on roller conveyors.

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FIBC DividerFIBC Divider      FIBC Divider

Item no Bottom support Upper deck Dimension (mm) Material Weight (kg) Static weight capacity (kg) Dynamic weight capacity (kg) Weight capacity rackaging (kg)
CPP4040-PE Flat Open deck 1016x1016x137 PE 6,5 2500 1200 -
CPP4343-PE Flat Open deck 1092x1092x137 PE 7,5 2500 1200 -
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