Sustainability policy

For Accon, quality assurance and the protection of the environment is very important. Our overall goal is to create profitability and growth in a responsible manner with consideration for our customers as well as the environment.
Thus, we offer clients the opportunity to choose environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions.

 We continuously work on corresponding to the growing demands on documentation and certification of packaging solutions. This involves a close cooperation with our clients to safeguard that their materials are handled with correct and certified packaging. We monitor and audit our vendors and business partners regularly, as well as insist on a documented environmental policy. 

  • We provide our customers purposeful and sustainable packaging solutions while minimizing the impact on the environment and waste of packaging materials. 
  • We promote initiative making among our internal and external stakeholders in order to improve in all areas of our operations.
  • We require our business partners to comply with the same high ethical standards we have set to ourselves.
  • We act as responsible corporate citizens. Our actions are safe for all our stakeholders whether internal or external. 
  • We are actively working towards more sustainable resource use and environmentally sound supply chains. 
  • We are contributing to circular economy. Through Accon Greentech AB, we aim to create a “circular loop” for our products. 
  • We are committed to collaborating with our stakeholders to help develop more sustainable solutions.
  • We promote recycling friendly solutions through Accon’s Ready-For-Recycling  (RFR) system.
  • We comply with all applicable laws and regulations, company principles, and the below mentioned voluntary programs. Accon as a Group has a follow up system with which it follows that its own units as well as business partners are complying with applicable laws and regulations – and has a procedure in case any non-compliance is found. 
  • We use the best possible materials and substances which are environmentally sound and at our food grade productions the ones which are accepted to be used in food industry. 
  • We promote UN Global Compact initiative on human rights, labor, environment and anticorruption; 
  • We promote UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).
  • We are members of EcoVadis and Sedex.