As a company with international presence, we have the opportunity to work towards reducing our environmental footprint and set a healthy standard in the packaging industry.

The aim of Accon is to provide products and services which best fulfill the needs of the customers. At Accon we understand that customer expectations need to be met in order to succeed in the business, and we also understand that expectations include not only high quality of the product and our operations, but also taking environmental issues into consideration in all we do. Accon is committed to do its utmost in preventing environmental pollution in its operations.

We set clear goals and objectives and regularly measure the performance of our processes and committed to continuous improvement. 

Employees on all levels systematically and continuously measure, review and act to improve our performance to ensure that our environmental management system meets the requirements set.
In addition to the above mentioned, we also always seek new opportunities to minimize our (the company as well as the products we deliver) environmental footprint on this planet.

Accon constructively works with environmental management;

  • We are committed to follow a green standard to safeguard our focus on environment in our production processes.
  • We respects the environmental requirements of our clients, the authorities and other stakeholders, as these are an essential part of Accon’s strategy- and objective planning.
  • We require that our production partners and suppliers lead an active environmental policy, which can be documented by certificates. 
  • We provide Recycling of the products as an integrated part of Accon’s activity. Please see our; www.accongreentech.se

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