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Accon Group is a major supplier of bulk packaging solutions to the European industry, specializing in the Nordic countries. With over 30 years of experience, Accon’s focus has always been to be a reliable business partner offering high-quality packaging solutions. The environmental commitments of Accon are based on company strategy and values - and driven by the commitment to prevent environmental pollution and to reduce our environmental impact.

In detail:

  • We at Accon will always meet applicable legal requirements and company commitments.
  • We understand our responsibility in fighting climate change and will systematically work with continuous improvements and innovations – striving to reduce our carbon footprint and promote resource efficiency.
  • We will actively seek innovative solutions to minimize waste generation, conserve energy and promote renewable resources.
  • We are operating to minimize the environmental impacts of our products in every possible way.


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Circular Economy

  • We will continue to develop the circular economy through our Accon Greentech recycling and reconditioning of the products we deliver.
  • All our units are committed to circular economy principles and proper waste management.
  • We will prevent water and soil contamination and emissions to the air and conserve biodiversity around our production units.
  • We shall commit to openness and transparency with all our relevant stakeholders. 

At Accon, we understand that every employee is responsible for their environmental performance in the value chain. Therefore, we train our staff regularly, enabling them to bear responsibility.