1 Introduction

Our goal is to maintain your trust and confidence by handling your personal information with respect. We want to be transparent in the way we process your personal data. In this privacy notice we inform what kind of personal information we collect and handle.

EU’s General Data Protection Regulation contains provisions and requirements pertaining to the processing of personally identifiable information. Business processes that handle personal data must be built with privacy by design and by default. No personal data may be processed unless it is done under lawful basis specified by the regulation, or if the data processor has received consent from the data's owner. Personal data can be for instance name, phone number, email address.

2 Data Processor and Data Protection Officer

Accon Group and its companies act as Data Processors. Please find the contact information below:

Accon Group
Bjørnsonsvei 6A
3117 Tønsberg
Tel: +47 333 59300

Accon Group and its companies have Data Protection Officers whose task is to monitor that all personal information is handled according to GDPR and other applicable laws and regulations.

3 What personal information does Accon collect and register?

When your company places us an order, or if we order any products, services or materials from you (supplier), we will save the following personal data in our operational system:

  • name
  • phone number
  • email address

In addition, we of course save information regarding your company and the orders in question. We also save your emails and other relevant communications in order process your order, offer or similar in an appropriate manner.

4 Web-statistics and Cookies

We use cookies on our homepage to analyse user behavior and to evaluate the effectiveness of our homepage. By using cookies, we will be able to offer you a better user experience and improve our web and other services.

We therefore collect unidentified information from our visitours. The purpose of this is to compile statistics that we use to prepare and develop the information on the website. We use Google Analytics which is a Google service. 

The information is processed in a unidentified form. By unidentified we mean that we cannot track the information we collect back to the individual user.

We collect the entire IP address, but from the IP address, we only collect the first three groups in the address to generate statistics. That is, if the IP address consists of the numbers, only 195.159.103.xx. In addition, the IP addresses are processed at an aggregate level, that is, all data is merged into a group and not processed individually.

5 How do we use your information and why?

Contact information and other relevant information mentioned above are collected primarily because we have the need to manage our customer/supplier relations and deliver/order services/products/materials. Information is used to proceed with orders, invoices, deliveries etc. and also to contact customer/supplier representatives. In addition, with the gathered information we will be able to analyse, modify and improve our product range and ways of working.

6 How long do we store your information?

We keep your personal information only for the period of time which is necessary for the above mentioned purposes, or what the laws and regulations require (for instance product safety, taxation, book keeping). And you can be sure that when the information is deleted, it will happen in a safe and secure manner.

7 Who do we share our information with?

When sharing/forwarding personal data, we comply with the laws and regulations. In some cases we might share personal data for instance with authorities. In addition, we might forward personal contact information to logistic companies in order to ensure safe and on-time deliveries, but we require the logistic partners to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation as well. We do not share personal information with marketing companies.

8 Information security

Our work for better information security is systematic. To protect the personal data collected, we use technical means, but also train our employees so that they are aware of all applicable laws and regulations regarding handling of information.

9 Changes in information

It is very important that your contact information in our system is correct and up-to-date. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding data protection or if you would like to take a closer look at the information we have on you. If you in that case find incorrect information, if your contact information changes, or if the contact person of your company is no longer you, please contact us as soon as possible so that we will be able to update your information. You also have the right to check and correct your personal data collected and stored by us.

10 What do we do in case of data breaches?

Accon Group will inform you without any delay if there is a data breach, and with data breach we mean incidents as hacking or illegally deleting, editing or forwarding personal information whether accidently or in purpose – or if someone illegally gains access to personal information.

In the notice sent, we will communicate at least the following: what has happened, whose personal information has been exposed to the data breach and what kind of personal data has been affected.

Accon Group knows its responsibility to without delay investigate the cause of the incidents and its effects. The company will also take all necessary measures to end the data breach, narrow the consequences and ensure that similar incidents do not occurred again.

11 Changes to privacy notice

We continuously develop our ways of working. Changes to this privacy notice are possible without prior information. However, if we do make major changes, we will communicate this to our stakeholders in question at least 30 days before.