Health and safety commitments

The safety of our employees is of the utmost importance for Accon. Health and safety are to be safeguarded in a way that creates a high level of job satisfaction and a healthy working environment.

Accon strives to provide a safe and productive work environment for our employees. Our policies:

  • We are committed to safeguard our employees' health, safety and welfare.
  • We maintain safe and healthy workplaces; we constantly support all employees having both 
    a moral and a legal responsibility for behaving and acting in order to boost their,
    and our welfare and safety.
  • We seek to contribute to an objective dialogue among packaging business partners,
    to make positive contributions in
    the environment and packaging field.
  • When contracting with our collaborators and
    partners, we seek to conduct our business
    with respect for human rights and
    labour standards, including conventions
    and guidelines related to the prevention
    of child or forced labour, minimum wage
    and salary and working conditions.