Code of Conduct


At Accon Group, we want people to be proud to work with and for our company. We are committed to the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility and use ethical principles. All Accon’s employees are expected to act in accordance with our company Vison and Values. The Code of Conduct is non- negotiable for all our employees. It codifies our values, making clear what is expected from our people. 

We have a global footprint, and face a multitude of local contexts, business cultures, laws and regulations. However our values remain constant and our integrity shall never be compromised. We have high expectations to ourselves, our employees and representatives, and will only cooperate with partners, suppliers and subcontractors who themselves adhere to equally high standards as we do. We encourage and support initiatives to develop and improve industry standards for ethical conduct together with our business partners. 

This Code of Conduct is our key governing document. It outlines clear principles and rules for how we conduct our business and how we behave. It is important that we understand the integrity risks we face in our roles, how to manage them, and who to turn to for advice and help if ever in doubt. Each and every one of us is responsible for reading and familiarizing ourselves with the Code of Conduct and living by its standards. There are no exceptions to these principles and commitments. 

Integrity starts with you and me; the choices we make and actions we take when facing with a dilemma shall show that our company truly conducts its business with integrity. As a company, we shall demonstrate our culture of responsible business conduct through living our values. Through living our Code, we will bring our values and purpose to life, every day in everything we do. 

At Accon Group, we have a long and proud industrial history. We honor that legacy and secure our future license to operate by acting responsibly and with integrity everywhere we operate. 



Accon’s vision is to be the leading supplier of bulk packaging to the industry in the Nordic countries. Accon’s aim is to be one of the leading companies in the industry in terms of development, productivity, responsibility, and value creation. Accon has a vision for zero accidents affecting people and environment. 




We demonstrate personal commitment to our work and the company. We strive to be a company governed by our values in that they form the basis for how we develop our business. 


We take responsibility for the entire value chain in close cooperation with our stakeholders. Through close communication, by focusing on our customer’s needs, and throughout continuous improvement programs, we will ensure the right quality on the product and throughout the whole supply chain. 


We focus on developing sustainable solutions through education, communication, and engagement. We value long-term partnerships with our stakeholders and believe that there is always room for innovation and development when it comes to sourcing, designing, manufacturing, and establishing after-use for our products. 



Accon employees strive to exercise good judgment, care, and consideration. Employees are expected to familiarize with, sign off on, and perform duties in line with the principles set forth herein. If any advice in handling a specific ethical dilemma is needed, employees are advised to consult their manager or other appropriate authority. 

Accon Group is committed to create a working environment that promotes diversity, inclusion, life-long learning, and equal opportunity. We support the physical and mental wellbeing of our employees and ensure safe working conditions. 

We will recruit, employ, and promote employees on the sole basis of the qualifications and abilities needed for the work to be performed. 

We respect the dignity of the individual and the right of employees to freedom of association and collective bargaining.



Accon Group strives to be a trusted corporate citizen and, as an integral part of society, fulfil our responsibilities to the societies and communities in which we operate. 

Accon annually updates documentation in the International Sustainability Assessment Program; EcoVadis. Accon is also a member of Sedex. 


Accon promote UN Global Compact. We support and respect internationally proclaimed human and labor rights, including the UN Declaration and Convention on Human Rights, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. 

Accon will not use child or forced labor and will not tolerate working conditions or treatment that conflicts with international laws and practices. We have a zero-tolerance approach towards modern slavery and human trafficking. 

Accon shall ensure that the company, through its operations, does not cause any infringement of human and labor rights. The company is committed to implement and enforce effective systems to minimize risks of human and labor rights infringements in our own operations and in our supply chain. 



Accon Group has a systematic approach towards environmental issues and is audited against ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System. We conduct our business activities in an environmental responsible manner and have implemented continuous improvement programs. 

Accon has taken the next step and offers services in recycling and reusing of our own products as well as of the other suppliers. Accon Greentech’s goal is to “close the loop” in order to participate in the sustainable development of our planet. 



Accon Group is committed to establishing mutually beneficial relations with our, employees, customers, and business partners. In our business dealings we expect our partners to adhere to business principles consistent with our own. This means compliance with our Code of Conduct and third-party policies and a commitment to work with us to address issues that might negatively impact society and the planet. 

Our business partners sign and comply with Accon Supplier Code of Conduct. 

In our scientific innovation to meet consumer needs we will respect the concerns of our consumers and of society. We will work based on sound science, applying rigorous standards of product safety. 




Our values are the foundation of our success and essential to achieving our ambition of making sustainable living commonplace. 

Living the Code means to put our values into practice and reiterate our commitment to doing good; this helps us to deliver value with values. Our business partners and customers trust us for doing business with integrity. This is one of our greatest assets, and to maintain our reputation, requires the highest standards of behavior. 

Breaching the Code of Conduct or Company policies could have very serious consequences for Accon Group. This Code of Conduct and other related documents confirm everyone’s responsibility to speak up and report suspected or actual breaches and outlines how such situations must be managed. Any failure to comply with the Code of Conduct is taken very seriously by Accon Group.


Accon Group does not give or receive, whether directly or indirectly, bribes or other improper advantages for business or financial gain. 

No employee may offer, give, or receive any gift or payment which is, or may be construed as being, a bribe. 

Any demand for, or offer of, a bribe must be rejected immediately and reported to management. 


Accon and its staff should be truthful to people involved. They should not intentionally mislead or deceive others by distorting information, nor should they discriminate against people by doing or abstaining from doing something required to be done. 

Accon Group accounting records and supporting documents must accurately describe and reflect the nature of the underlying transactions. No undisclosed or unrecorded account, fund or asset will be established or maintained. 


Accon and its staff should disclose and provide related information, as well as correct any misunderstanding on facts. They should try in every proper way to fulfill their promises. They should not abuse technical or legal interpretation as an excuse not to cooperate or comply with contractual obligations. 



Accon and its staff should exhibit their personal integrity and courage to uphold their convictions by doing things they perceive as right despite pressures favoring the opposite. They should be respectable, impartial, and committed to their principles. They should fight for their beliefs and never compromise their principles for any objective that would turn them into deceivers or immoral persons. 


Accon and its staff should exhibit their loyalty to the company by dedicating themselves to their respective duties and to its people by providing support and assistance whenever required. They should not use or disclose confidential information for personal advantage. On the contrary, they should maintain the ability to make decisions independently as professionals, avoiding inappropriate conduct and conflict of interest, as well as being faithful to the company and their colleagues. 


Accon and its staff should be fair and just towards all people. They should not use their power deliberately, neither should they resort to cheating or inappropriate tactics to obtain or maintain benefits or advantages from misled or distressed people. Fair-minded executives should disclose the agreements set for consideration and treat everyone equally, be open to disagreeable opinions, willing to admit the mistakes they make, and ready to shift positions to appropriate and correct ones if the situation demands. 


Accon and its staff should be considerate, sympathetic, kind, and well intentioned to others. As the golden rule says, “Treat others the way you want to be treated”, executives and employees should provide the help that people need. They should also pursue proper means to achieve business objectives in a way that the business objectives are aligned with the objectives and interests of people. 

Our employees shall expect a workplace free from harassment and discrimination. We do not tolerate discrimination against any employee based on age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, nationality, political opinions, religion or ethnic background, or any other basis. Comments or any other forms of offensive messages, derogatory remarks or inappropriate jokes are unacceptable. 


Accon Group believes in vigorous, yet fair competition. Accon Group companies and employees will conduct their operations in accordance with the principles of fair competition and all applicable regulations. 




All executives should be aware of their own responsibilities and leadership requirements and should seek and comply with code of conduct models that would benefit themselves and the organization when put to work. 

Accon is committed to ensuring that the unique contributions each employee brings to the company are encouraged. To ensure that everyone can make full use of their talents we shall welcome, listen to and respect the ideas of all colleagues whatever backgrounds. 

Executives should create and defend company’s reputation, as well as employees’ morale, by singly and collectively avoiding any action that would hurt the inter-relation between the company and its employees.



Accon’s local Chief Executive Officer (CEO) together with the Accon Group Board (GLM) is responsible for implementing these principles and set out the standards required from all our employees. Managers are also responsible for promoting and monitoring the compliance with the Code of Conduct within their respective area of responsibility. They are responsible for safeguarding, implementing, and overseeing the management of this Code of Conduct. 

The CEO of Accon Group together with GLM shall ensure that employees are aware of and comply with this Code of Conduct. The CEO shall also ensure that annual Code of Conduct training is conducted for the company's employees, and that the employees, as part of such training or other suitable process, sign that they have read and understood the Code. 

Accon and its staff should be aware of, and accountable in following ethics when making any decision and omission for the company, themselves, their colleagues, and the community. 

Accon Group also requires its third-party business partners and their employees to adhere to business principles consistent with its own. 



The Company is committed to comply with all relevant laws, rules, and regulations everywhere it operates. 

Employees must always comply with laws and regulations that apply to the countries in which Accon Group’s operates. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Timely legal consultation is essential to ensure that Accon Group’s legitimate business interests and opportunities are protected. 

If the employee suspect or discover any Illegal activity in relation to Accon Group’s operations or associated activities involving third parties, they must immediately notify the manager and promptly seek advice from their Legal Business Partner 

The employee shall seek advice from the manager or the Legal Business Partner before agreeing on any commercial contracts and lease agreements. 

Any breaches of the Code must be reported. 

Accon will not criticize management for any loss of business resulting from adherence to these principles and other mandatory policies. Provision has been made for employees to be able to report in confidence and no employee will suffer because of doing so. 



Information is one of Accon Groups most valuable business assets. We are committed to safeguarding and protection our information any other information entrusted to us.

Accon Groups employees and managers shall only distribute or share information on a need to know basis. Only employees or other authorized parties have access to our company information. They should immediately report events which could impact the security of our information. 


Accon Group shall maintain appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data. We comply with European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

More details and guidance are further set out in our internal Data Protection guideline. 


The Company requires that all its management and staff respect the intellectual property rights of others with care and caution. 



UN Global Compact 

European data protection regulation 

supplier code of conduct 




Dear stakeholder; If you have concerns regarding potential breaches of this Code of Conduct, we appreciate if you report this immediately through our designated channels. 

02.07 2021

Accon Group