Plastic pallet 800x600x130 mm

CPP200 is an extremly lightweight and stackabale half pallet suitable for export.

Thanks to its specially design with 6 feet, it is also sutiable for transport on travelators..

These pallets are space saving during trnasport and storage when they are stacked together with their 6 feet.

These pallets are sold in stacks of 80 pcs/stack (0,4 ldm).

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  • cost effective
  • reduces freight cost: 20 pallets = 1 m
  • excellent as display pallet
  • easy and safe handling
  • resistant to insects, bacteria and fungi
  • 100% recyclable


Item no Color Safety rim Type Dimension (mm) Material Weight (kg) Static loading capacity (kg) Dynamic laoding capacity (kg) Loading capacity racking (kg)
CPP200-PE Black 5 mm 6 feet, open deck 800x600x130 PE 3,5 2500 1000 -
CPP200-REC Black 5 mm 6 feet, open deck 800x600x130 Recycled PE 3,5 2500 1000 -
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