Pallets & Pallet Handling

Pallets & Pallet Handling

We offer a wide range of pallets of materials such as plastic, wood fiber (Presswood) and ordinary wooden pallets. We have hygienic plastic pallets as well as simple lightweight pallets in plastic for export. For those of you who choose recycled plastic and does not require that the pallet must be hygienic, we can offer very competitive prices. We have a wide range of plastic pallets in different sizes and we are confident that we have a pallet that fits your product.

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Under Pallet handling you will find the products connected to the packaging of your goods. Accon offer you a complete range of different types of Stretch film or Bubble wrap that protects your goods from moisture, condensation and friction. We can also offer a very wide range of Pallet Sheets, Shrink Film and Shrink Hoods can be manufactured to order. You can also order semi-automatic Stretch wrapping machines were we also offer installation and service to the machines.
Presswood Pallets is a product made in the same way as plastic pallet but made of recycled wood. Very good qualities with rough surface and very good when it comes to saving storage space. You save up to 66% on these pallets when stacked together. The pallets are approved for export and there are certificates to all countries.
We have Wooden pallets in stock of the most common sizes and we offer you a product that is a low-cost product that can be manufactured according to your requirements and dimensions. Wooden pallet is a suitable alternative for heavy products that require a strong and steady load carriers. Accon can offer you both two- and four way pallets.

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