FIBC Q-bag Antistatic Type-B

Accons Type B FIBC are particularly suitable for materials that can cause electrostatic charge during handling.

Type B is used in environments where there may be a risk of explosions.
These FIBC are made with anti-static additive in plastic and in the coating if the fabric is coated. In the table below you can see the level of type-B bag can be used for.
FIBC made of non-conductive material having a breakdown voltage no higher than 6 kV. This reliably prevents ignition of combustible dust while the explosive gas atmosphere can still be ignited.

As Type A, Type B has no interwoven conductive material. Thus, a Type B FIBC used where combustible dust is present, but should not be used in hazardous areas, zones 1 or 0.
Sometimes granulated material can cause electrostatic charging, which in turn can cause ignition and explosion of combustible gases.
B = All Accon FIBC without liner can be used. Note Charging strength must be less than 6 kV.