240 liter Waste bins with 2 wheels

Robust and sturdy waste containers with 2 wheels for different purpose as paper, glass, cans etc.


  • Made of HDPE
  • Solid and robust shape prevents warping, knocks and decay
  • Weather resistant (UV)
  • Frost and heat resistant
  • Resistant to many chemicals
  • Solid rubber tyres (Ø 200x50 mm)
  • Non-corrosive metal parts
  • Recyclable
  • Lid can be supplied in different color than the container
  • DIN Standard 30741
  • European Standard EN 840


  • Ø 250 mm solid rubber tyres
  • Ø 300 mm solid rubber tyres
  • Bottle throw
  • Individual labeling of containers
  • Gravity lock
  • RFID system


RAL5002 (Accon)RAL1018 (Accon)RAL6002 (Accon)

RAL7016 (Accon AB)RAL3013 (Accon AB)RAL8025 (Accon AB)


Avfallsbehållare 240 Liter