FIBC Antistatic Type-D

Accons Type-D FIBC are particularly suitable for materials that can cause electrostatic charge during handling. Type D is used in environments where there may be a risk of explosions and high fire risk. These FIBC are made with threads of which are made of material Chromic Blue. These bags are grounded in the atmosphere and need not be grounded during filling and emptying.

Big bags made of non-conducting material which contains a composite of conductive fibres which has no electrical contact. These FIBC is not electrically conductive, but activates a certain charge dissipation into the environment through a corona effect.

Grounding of a Type D FIBC is not possible.

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Sometimes these bags are treated with a "antistatic coating" to lower the surface resistance of the fabric.

Because of the charge/discharge into the environment through the corona discharge, the Type D FIBC easily load insulated conductive objects or people in the vicinity. The objects or persons in contact with the ground or grounded object, cause electrostatic discharges that can ignite explosive mixtures of gases or vapours.

Thus, Type D FIBC may be used with combustible dust, but only in hazardous areas Zone 2 and 22 that it is permissible for FIBC of Type B with the premise that the voltage is less than 6 kV, which is verified by testing.

Application of a Type D FIBC are in dangerous zones 1 requires additional measures to reduce its charge to non-dangerous level.

Some manufacturers claim that FIBC of Type D may be used in explosive gas atmosphere of accumulation does not exceed the values ​​indicated on the bag. However, these instructions do not seem to be very helpful for the user.

For safe use of Type D FIBC - meeting the above - within the danger zone, zone 1, it must be noted that all conductive objects and persons near The FIBC must be grounded during filling and emptying process. This instruction for earthing shall be rendered in words on a Yellow Warning Label each bag.

The powder and granular material can cause electrostatic charge which in turn can give rise to ignition and explosion of combustible gases

  • Additional precautions are usually necessary when a flammable gas or steam atmosphere is present inside the FIBC, eg in the case of solvent-wet powder.
  •  1000 mJ.">Non-flammable atmosphere include dust with MIE> 1000 mJ.