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Enhancing logistics with eco-friendly fibre drums: Durable, cost-effective, and sustainable

Fibre drums present a practical, cost-effective, and sturdy option compared to their plastic or steel counterparts. Their effectiveness in safeguarding valuable goods during storage and transportation has a well-established track record spanning many years.

Their use also aligns with environmental sustainability. Opting for fibre over plastic or steel aids in promoting a low-carbon, circular economy through various means.

These drums are notably lightweight, facilitating safer handling in the workplace and reducing transportation costs. Despite their lightness, they are sufficiently strong to withstand even the most challenging logistics requirements. They can be equipped with internal and external liners for enhanced adaptability and performance.

Typically, these drums are secured with steel chimes, enhancing their strength and safety. These elements are easily detachable, simplifying the recycling process.

Advantages of using fibre drums

  • Cost-Effective: Offers an affordable option compared to steel or plastic alternatives.
  • Eco-friendly: Primarily made from paper, a renewable resource.
  • Reduced shipping costs: Their lighter weight leads to lower transportation expenses and fewer handling challenges.
  • Versatile usage: Appropriate for various contents, including solids, pastes, liquids, hazardous materials, and high-value items.
  • Outdoor storage capable: With added liners and coatings, they are suitable for external storage.

Fibre drums are made from sustainably grown softwood trees, with a new tree planted for each used. These fast-growing trees effectively reduce CO2 and don't infringe on hardwood forests. Additionally, kraft fibre suppliers dedicate about 25% of their land to conservation efforts.

Fibre drums in the circular economy

  • Renewable Source: We use renewable raw materials.
  • Transparent Procurement: Ensures clarity in material sourcing.
  • Effortless Recycling: Simplifies turning used products into new ones.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: Offers a greener alternative with lesser carbon emissions.
  • Lower Water Usage: Consumes significantly less water compared to other options.

We offer a wide range of fiber drums.

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