Quality and Environment


In the Accon Group we believe that all our customers are equally important. We offer environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. Our overall goal is to create profitability and growth in a responsible manner with consideration for our customers as well as the environment. We continuously work on corresponding to the growing demands on documentation and certification of packaging solutions. This involves a close cooperation with our clients to safeguard that their materials are handled with correct and certified packaging. We monitor and  audit all our collaborators and partners continuesly, as well as insist on an documented environmental policy. 

Quality Policy & Certifications

  • We aim to be the lead supplier of choice for industrial packaging solutions, achieving customers loyalty and respect.
  • We aim to use the knowledge we gain from experience and training at our collaborators to strengthen our technological and technical tools.
  • Accon strives to always serve our customers with excellence, attentiveness and by prioritising their interest and needs, as well as setting and maintaining high standards.
  • We aim to design a quality management system as a factor for business support. 
  • We develop dynamic processes based on the excellence of our customers.

At Accon, we take necessary steps to ensure our products meet mandatory industry and legal requirements

Accon has been awarded the 14001: 2015 certificate for production, design, development, marketing and trade with big bags, paper- and plastic bags as well as other types of products. The certificate covers all of Accon’s sales divisions and production facilities in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. The audit was conducted by DQS.

The purpose of the certificate covering the Accon Group affiliates in the Nordics countries is to: efficiate internal routines, as well as integrate quality management in daily activities. The ISO certificate reflects Accon´s focus on the quality of our business and our desire to be a good and long-term partner for our clients.  

We can also offer and supply solutions and products that hold:

• ISO 9001:2008

• ISO 21898:2004


• BRC - IoP


• ISO 22000

• ISO 14001

• IEC 61340-4-4 (Antistatic)


Accon constructively works with environmental management. This means that we are committed to following a green standard to safeguard our focus on environment in our production processes. Accon respects the environmental requirements of its clients, the authorities and other stakeholders, as these are an essential part of Accon’s strategy- and objective planning. We place heavy demands on our partners and production networks. Accon prioritizes working with suppliers and producers that lead an active environmental policy, which can be documented by certificates. 

Health and safety commitments

The safety of our employees is of the utmost importance for Accon. Health and safety are to be safeguarded in a way that creates a high level of job satisfaction and a healthy working environment. Accon strives to provide a safe and productive work environment for our employees. Our policy:

  • We are committed to carrying out our activities in order to safeguard our employees' health, safety and welfare.
  • Each of our facilities designates an employee responsible for safety and health management, and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. We work out continuity plans.
  • We maintain safe and healthy workplaces; we constantly support all employees having both a moral and a legal responsibility for behaving and acting in order to boost their, and our welfare and safety.
  • We seek to contribute to an objective dialogue among packaging business partners, to make positive contributions in the environment and packaging field. We are active in reusing, recycling, recovering energy, composting and eliminating products whenever appropriate.
ISO Certificate LOGO

application/pdf ISO Certificate 9001 (795.62 kB)

application/pdf ISO Certificate 14001 (796.09 kB)