EcoLine-590 solid

  • Delivered in solid or solid form. Withstands temperatures from -40C up to + 60C.
  • Can be stacked 8 containers in height, and can withstand 4 tonne load.
  • Can be recycled.
  • Resistant to chemical corrosion and UV radiation.
  • Stable stacking because the corners are designed with plugs.
  • The plastic mites are constantly propagated in the production process (no joints).
  • Also supplied with lid in standard color white.
  • Other colors upon request.
Dimension Inside Outside
Length (mm) 1120 1200
Width (mm) 720 800
Height (mm) 736 870
Volume (L) 590
Weigth (kg) 30.5
Max load (kg 350
Stacking load (kg) 1050
Pcs in conainer 20ft 40ft 40hc
Number of containers 25 55 74
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