Reconditioned IBC Container

There are many advantages to choosing Reconditioned IBC containers, environmental savings and re-use, and savings of up to 50% of the cost of a new IBC Container.

Information below summarizes our partners for Reconditioned IBC containers in brief:

  • Reconditioned IBC containers of any brand (can not be specified when ordering).
  • Certified by the SP for both initial and periodic inspection.
  • Surveys of all IBC container manufacturers.
  • Only ADR trained drivers (own or hired) will pick up empty containers.
  • Transporting all types of environmental goods classified.
  • Holds all necessary environmental permits.
  • All staff (our partner) have the relevant ADR training.
  • Recovers environmentally sound when reconditioning is not possible.
  • Cost effective management of wastes.
  • Offers rebottling. Which means new inner containers in used and inspected cage.
  • Offering customer-specific basis for the environmental report.