FIBC Q-bag with skirt and discharge spout - Food approved


These FIBCs have a sewn stability chamber in the bag to ensure that unstable materials do not make the FIBC tip over and the contents flow out.

This FIBC we manufacture with a skirt at the top which will be closed after filling, and a discharge spout in the bottom that will be opened in the emptying process


  • FIBC designed for pallet dimensions
  • Cost effective storage and transport
  • Space-saving when stacking
  • Easy to fill without a special filling equipment
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Our food/hygienic Q-bags are especially good for goods to be stored and transported on pallets with dimensions 1200x800, 1200x1000 and 1140x1140 mm.

Our Q-bags are manufactured so that the FIBC is suitable for these measurements, and we can also manufacture FIBC for special sizes according to customer specifications.

To achieve the best possible shape stability, we can offer the customer 2-4 panels of the FIBC.
The inner panels (baffles) can be manufactured in PP, nets, ropes, depending on customer requirements.
Double Q-bag is a product based on the same design as our Q-bags, but they have another layer of PP fabric to achieve greater stability and density. These FIBC are specially designed for very fine powder in which the density and stability is the main feature.

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